ACECR office of Allame Tabataba’I University to run the sixth Course of Iranology for foreign students
1386/05/14 16:59

ACECR office of Allame Tabataba’I University is to run the fourth, the fifth and the sixth courses of ‘ Iranology’ in contribution with International center of Iranology and Research department of ACECR.
Public relations office of ACECR at Allame Tabataba’I University reports: this center hosts sixty students of Iranology and Persian Language fields of study from eighteen counties around the world. These courses are to be held at three levels of basic, intermediate and advanced. The students can also learn Persian language and Literature in the fifth and sixth courses that are to be held in July (Tir), August (Mordad) and September (Shahrivar). According to this report, students of this course attend different classes including Writing in Persian (basic and advanced), Persian language Grammar (basic and advanced), Persian conversation (basic and advanced), Persian language lab, Proficiency courses, Contemporary Persian literature (poem and prose), Classical literature (poem and prose), an introduction to Gnostic and theologian thoughts and Persian calligraphy. Students can also visit cultural, scientific and historical centers of Esfahan and Tehran cities to get familiar with Islamic culture and Persian traditions and customs.
It is noteworthy that these three courses are to be held with the contribution of Persian Language Expansion Council of Ministry of Culture& Islamic Guidance and Culture& Islamic Communications Organization.

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