interview with Dr. Haji Tarverdi research and technology deputy of ACECR
1386/05/17 15:31

In an interview with Dr. Haji Tarverdi research and technology deputy of ACECR he said: This organization would make further investment for development of technologies in the field of oil.
Moving beyond borders of science and modern technology are among the most important characteristics of research activities of ACECR
Based on the goals of the 20 year outlook of the country, Iran must hold the first place in the region from sci ence and technology point of view. This can only be achieved under programming and development of research activities.
At present, different organizations, centers and bodies are busy in the field of science and research where predicted goals are in line and in direct relations with the conduct of these bodies.
The ACECR as an organization stemming from Revolution and pioneer in the scientific, research and cultural realms, from the very first days of its establishment and especially in recent years has taken spectacular steps towards scientific advancement in the country. Results of these steps can be seen in evolution of modern technologies such as production, reproduction and freezing of stem cells, production of monoclonal antibodies, manufacture of radio transmitters, excavation electricity control poles…
Today, turning a new leaf at its activities the ACECR has given priority to deepening scientific and research activities and participation at new research realms in order to produce Iranian local science and technology. Therefore it thrives to take more effective steps to realize the software movement.
We conducted an interview with Dr. Muhammad Sadegh Haji Tarverdi, who recently has come to this position as research and technology deputy of ACECR. Below you will find this interview:

Q: Please tell us more about the future programs of research and technology department of ACECR:
A: As in the past years the ACECR has been working on 3-year programs, in order to upgrade the programs and adapt them with the viewpoint of development of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the horizon of 1404, we are compiling the stance of the ACECR in the viewpoint of development and after it has been drawn, the programs of this department would be reviewed and drawn up based on that.

Q: In which research areas would the ACECR make the most investment in the new period?
A: Achieving the viewpoint of the Islamic Republic of Iran and enjoying advanced science calls for competence in production of science and technology and standing first in the region from economy, science and technology point of view. Investments have been carried out in some areas to make these achievements possible, but the budget limitations of this organization forces us to set priorities in the field of investment and make investments in fields with a brilliant record or those that are in line with provincial development programs such as research in the field of stem cells, genetics research, biotechnology in medicine and compiling the scientific know how for production of material, design and manufacture of radio and television chargers and transmitters… But the oil industry is the main economic sector of the country which has direct impact on all the affairs of the country, hence investments would be made in this field too.

Q: What is the role of the research activities of this organization in realizing the 20-year outlook of the government from your point of view?
A: The research conducted by ACECR has a social approach with a special look towards the borders of modern science and technology. Hence this type of viewpoint leads to results compatible with the goals and policies of the government's long-term programming and would play an important role in realizing it. What guarantees this is the financial and spiritual support of governments and assigning special responsibility to this organization.

Q: What strategies does the ACECR have for preparing and compiling the comprehensive scientific plan of the country?
Preparing the Comprehensive Scientific Plan of the country is the responsibility of government sector. Unfortunately no steps have been taken in this regard so far. If the need arises, this organization is willing to cooperate. Preliminary steps have been taken in this regard.

Q: What are the tools necessary to turn the software movement into a reality and what is the stance of ACECR in this field?
Software movement needs strong, motivated researchers who are innovative and have the right , advanced tools, financial and spiritual support of government officials, coordination between universities and research centers, stability in the decisions and steadfastness in facing scientific and research problems and having a program, keeping abreast with scientific changes and international interaction. Fortunately the ACECR has access to most of these points and would play a crucial role in the realization Software Movement.

Q: What are your plans to make the research department in some  office of ACECR  more active?Our budget is not enough to enable us to carryout mega steps, in order to make the research department more active, investments have to be made in research departments that are susceptible to speed up their flourish. Coordination among provincial units in line with the development of provinces and with the help of the budget of each province can make the research departments in each province more active.

Q: Please tell us more about the new approach of your department towards support of research and study:
A: Support of research projects is in line with active and accredited research groups, semi industrial projects and commercializing the results of researches and following the development project of provinces. A review of the development program of the ACECR in line with the outlook of the new policies of the research department would be influential.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add
A: I expect all my colleagues at ACECR to support the Research department of this organization through their suggestions and comments, continuous cooperation and 24/7 effort, just as they did before.

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