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In the past quarter of the century, the ACECR has had a come a long way in the field of science, research, culture, Information, especially technology and all this while it has concentrated on one goal i.e., finding solutions to guide researches towards meeting the essential needs of the society or as it is called today " commercialization of scientific and research findings" and covering different challenges and shortcomings that exist in the society. No wonder a lot of prominent figures in the field of science and technology in our country believe ACECR to be a successful model for all the events happening in Silicone Valley in the US and consider it as a symbol of an activity that stemmed locally from the heart of the Revolution of a developing country like Iran and succeeded in meeting many needs of the society.
In this way even the ACECR is considered as  "A big park or center for incubation" that without much ado has been successful in maintaining its image as such a center. It has changed a lot of cumbersome regulations to the benefit of the scientific and research society of the country. This is why the ACECR is considered as the pioneer in the spontaneous movement of parks and science and technology incubation centers in the country and without having any claims it has been successful in the field of commercialization and transforming ideas into products. With all the scientific and research and technology experience it has, the ACECR has supported establishment of engineering companies. In other words, it has had a crucial role in development of incubation centers for basic science companies. In 2004 the ACECR set up the Rouyesh ICT Incubator as its incubator in the field of communication and technology, this center is active in commercialization of new and innovative ideas based on ICT.
Rouyesh ICT Incubator
Rouyesh Incubation Center is a base for newly established technology setups active in the field of ICT where they can enjoy the basic general services, tools and facilities along with counseling and professional support. This center provides a dynamic atmosphere for attracting and flourishing innovating ideas and transforming them into successful businesses.
The most important goals of Rouyesh ICT Incubator are as follows:
 Helping towards development of ICT
 Providing the necessary groundwork for entrepreneurship and development of interrelated jobs
 Establishment and development of small and medium sized businesses in the field of ICT
 Helping towards manufacture and development of products and processes that could be marketed
 Channeling to provide suitable job opportunities to attract entrepreneurs and university graduates
Economic growth of the region and adding variety to it
 Adding variety to the economic investments of the region
 Channeling for commercializing research achievements
 Mode of registration and companies under support
Mode of absorption and registration of technical units
After a general invitation and receiving requests, the incubation center would run a preliminary survey in the reception committee. Then the applicants who have gained the necessary points to be admitted in the incubation center would be invited for an interview. Finally they would receive the permit to reside at the incubation center. The whole process in carried out in two stages for registration in the 17 units and technology bases.
Main Achievements
Courses and workshops held at Rouyesh ICT Incubation Service
This center has successfully held 12140 hours of training in forms of 25 seminars and workshops for different addressees in the past 4 years. The main subjects that were held by Rouyesh Incubation center planned by different government or private organizations and centers are as follows:
 ICT workshops including perspective, development strateg, compiling business plan, project management
 Seminars on parks and science and technology incubation centers including: Literature, concepts, compiling business plan, management and entrepreneurship
 Workshop in electronic government, intellectual ownership, orientation of rules and regulations …

 Publishing "Technology Incubation" magazine as the first one in the realm of parks and ICT incubation with more than 60 articles
 helding 9  Professional meetings on parks and Incubation Centers are among other advertising issues covered by these magazines
 Construction of a portal site of incubation centers and the website for the center:

 Publication of more than 12 articles in affiliated magazines by members of the incubation center including:
 An article entitled "Risk taking capital, the most important financial source in advancement of the goals of incubation centers"
 An article entitled Concepts and Practical Solutions to networking incubation centers in Iran in the International Conference of Parks and Incubation Centers
An article on Solutions to attract risk taking capital entitled Connection among virtual companies and IT with risk management and their interrelation
 Accepting an article in the professional society of research and industry and mine development entitled "Presentation of a phase model for evaluation of technology units settled down in incubation centers
 An article entitled "A model for compiling the strategy for Incubation Centers" (The Specialized Quarterly of parks and incubation centers)
 An article entitled "Introduction to Incubation centers and their different forms" (The Specialized Quarterly of parks and incubation centers)
 An article entitled "The age of flourish of entrepreneurship"
 An article entitled "Incubation centers lateral organizations"
 An article entitled "Commercial models and different generations of Incubation Centers (The Specialized Quarterly of parks and incubation centers)
 An article entitled "Principles of compiling a marketing plan" (The Specialized Quarterly of parks and incubation centers)
 An article entitled " Future and business environment" (The Specialized Quarterly of parks and incubation centers)
Management and Implementation
The project to upgrade of service of Incubation Centers all across the country (InfoDev)
Generally InfoDev follows the goal of improving the service Incubation Centers in order to develop entrepreneurship and achieving an economy based on intelligence and creating stable jobs. To reach this goal five stage projects have been predicted in this center which is underway
 Project 1: Training of the managers of incubation centers and technology units settled in these centers (Training)
 Project 2: Rendering services in electronic department (Services and E-services)
 Project 3: Networking of incubation centers and the units settled in them (Networking)
 Project 4: Semi-Virtual Incubators
 Portal of the incubation centers of the country (Portal)
This project is carried out with the help of the World Bank and cooperation of Isfahan Scientific and Research Settlement, ACECR ICT Incubation Center (Rouyesh) and Yazd Science and Technology Park. Iran's management and programming organization, secretariat of High Council of information and  Ministry of Science and Information and Technology have also participated in this project. This project is mainly active in transferring information and experience from abroad to the country and management of incubation centers. In the past years the incubation centers and technology parks have been on the rise in the country and acceptance a project from Iran shows the importance of the activity of these centers in the country.

Tehran Province Incubation Centers Network
Bearing in mind the advantages networking and the necessity for formation of a network for the incubation centers of the country, with the efforts of Rouyesh ICT Incubator Center, the network of Tehran's Incubation Centers started
As 13 parks and 43 ICT centers had started work in the country there was a necessity for a suitable cooperation among them to form the main core of the networking of centers. Some of the issues that paved the way for formation of network of Tehran's ICT centers are as follows:
Making maximum use of existing facilities, information management, modern information giving and paying attention to rules, regulations and opportunities open to these centers
 An account of the support projects of research and production of goods in the private and cooperative sector in the field of ICT
In line with the application development plan of ICT and in order to eradicate the local shortcomings and reinforce the power of competition in the international market and expansion of research in ICT department of the country, the government has tried to financially support the private and cooperative sector active in ICT in forms of research investments. The budget comes from article 13 of Country's Budget Legislation. It financially supports research, technology and production ideas of private and cooperative companies that have the potential to become commercialized and presented to the market and need research and development. This support comes in the form of research grants and low interest production loans in three divisions: Ideas that would lead to manufacture of new products, Ideas for completion and upgrade of existing products and commercializing of products.
This whole operation is carried out in 6 fields of activity:
- Information security
- Information Systems (IS)
- Networking
- Cultural and Training softwares
- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Electronic Commerce (E.Commerce)
This project is part of the practical project for development of small and medium sized
units active in ICT through establishment of incubation centers and technology parks
 In the second half of 1385 Rouyesh Incubation Center was recognized as the best entrepreneur organization and received citation from the Minister of Labor
 Rouyesh Incubation Center became a member of the International Society of Parks and Incubation Centers
 It is one of the six main electing members of representatives west of Asia in the International Society of Parks and Incubation Centers
 The project of "Peywand Afzar" company, one of the units settled in this center was also recognized as the best project in Sheikh Bahaee Entrepreneurship Symposium
 "Sot Azin" company another one of units settled in this center was awarded a prize in International Exhibition of Invention in Switzerland

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