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Medical Journal of Reproduction & Infertility
1386/08/07 11:16

The Medical Journal of  Reproduction & Infertility supported by Avesina Research Institute (ACECR). This quarterly has been offered the permission to be published by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and also Journals Commission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in July 26, 1999 and it is honored to have received a Scientific & Research rank from the commission in December 13, 2000.
The content of the journal includes Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Report and
Views & News in basic and Clinical sciences, Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, Epidemiology, Psychology, Judicial and Islamic law (Jurisprudence) issues concerning Reproduction and Infertility.

This quarterly is distributed to all the authors, and members of the editorial board, university libraries, infertility treatment centers and all research centers working on infertility throughout the country, mostly on free of charge basis.
This journal has been selected to be one of the sources of input in the Index Medicus for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR) and Indexed in the Scientific Information Database (SID).

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