scientific council
Scientific Council
In order to approve policies and supervise the scientific, research and cultural activities, the Scientific Council of ACECR is organized. Members of the Scientific Council include:
1- President, Deputy for Educational, Deputy for Research and Technology, and Deputy for Culture of ACECR
2- Three members of the senior academic and research board of ACECR as proposed by scientific departments and in accordance with the regulations and definitions approved by the higher education authorities
3- Two cultural connoisseurs of ACECR selected by the President
4- Two of the directors of research and cultural centers affiliated to ACECR as selected by the President
Note: The manner of inviting persons named in Clause 2 and the manner of organizing meetings of the Scientific Council will be according to the bylaw to be proposed by the President and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Duties of the Scientific Council include:
1- Determining detailed policies and research, educational, cultural and publication priorities as proposed by authorities of the Center
2- Supervising on manner of organizing scientific-applied educational courses
3- Supervising on manner of financing scholarships and study opportunities
4-Approving bylaws for print and publication of books, magazines, scientific and cultural articles
5- Approving regulations for concluding contract, enforcement and application of the results of research and servicing plans
6- Commenting on the report of annual performance of ACECR as prepared by the deputies and presented to the Scientific Council through the Coordination Council.
7- Study of and commenting on employment regulations and evaluation of academic board members and offering proposals to the board of trustees
8- Approving regulations on the administration of cultural centers of ACECR and supervising on the performance of their activities
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