Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees:
The Board of Trustees as the highest authority for policymaking in ACECR comprises the following persons:
1-President of the ACECR (Head of the Board of Trustees)
2- Minister of Science, Research and Technology or his representative
3- Minister of Health and Medical Education or his representative
4-Head of State Management and Planning Organization or his representative
5- Five members from among scientific and cultural faces to be designated based on the regulations and standards to be set.

Duties of the Board of Trustees include:
1- Policymaking and approving general policies and development plans of ACECR
2- Approving organization and organ gram of ACECR
3-Approving financial, transactional, administrative and employment regulations
4- Approving budget, accounts and annual balance sheet of ACECR as well as deciding on the incomes and accepting aids and gifts
5- Approving articles of association of research centers, companies and institutions affiliated to ACECR within the framework of current laws and regulations
6- Approving general principles for scientific and economic cooperation with other institutions
7- Approving the designation of heads of research, scientific and cultural centers and institutions affiliated as proposed by the President of the ACECR.
8- Approving internal by laws of the    Board of Trustees and the internal bylaws of the Scientific Council
9- Supervision and evaluation of the good performance of approvals of the Board of Trustees and activities of ACECR
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