Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) is a public non- governmental institution of independent character and, in view of administration, employment and financial issues, subject to regulations approved by the Board of Trustees of ACECR within the framework of legal authorities.

- Development of research and the spirit of research
- Development of cultural affairs in the society
-Development of applied and semi-industrial plans through connections with scientific and research centers in order to put the results of research into practice

 General duties of ACECR include:
1- To establish appropriate organization for authoring, translating and publishing books, periodicals, research reports, scientific and cultural articles and production of educational props
2- Conducting developmental and applied researches
3- Following up the research projects of ACECR until the end of semi-industrial and industrial phases
4- Providing scientific- technical services in different areas required
5- To encourage, support and attract students and young and talented research and to plan for and provide necessary requirements and facilities for their scientific and research activities
6- To offer formal educational courses of scientific-applied training in accordance with the rules and regulations of higher education
7- To establish educational and research organizations envisaged in the present Article based on the rules and regulations of higher education
8- To participate in providing appropriate conditions for furthering employment of university graduates

Note: Scientific technical services include conducting quality tests, study of standard proposals, collecting and processing scientific data, publishing documents and scientific data, promoting techniques, conducting scientific consultation, offering technical aids and conducting health services and medical diagnostics.

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